SolTat  Wear the Sun by Teddy Jungreis — Kickstarter

On KickStarter, we raised $20,000!!! That’s double our initial goal of 10K!

SolTat is a fun way to express yourself! Simply place your favorite SolTat design on your body and enjoy the outdoors! After being worn in the sun, your SolTat body decal will leave a highly decorative, natural tan tattoo!


With SolTat you can have a natural tan tattoo in the same amount of time it takes to receive a tan! Exact time varies by user.


There are at least 5 soltat decals in each pack depending on the theme. That’s a lot of different designs and styles to try!


SolTat body decals are made from EVA foam and are extremely safe to wear. Always remember to wear sunscreen when being active outdoors!


Simply remove the thin paper layer and apply the decal to your desired body location. After pressing it firmly in place, the decal will stick to your skin!